IIS offers a professional approach to export and import consulting.

Education combined with experience and success make IIS a firm worth your time.

Please feel free to contact us in regards to any questions you might have. We also offer a variety of free informational services throughout this site which are well worth your time if you are new to importing or exporting.

Marketing Courses

  • Marketing research and feasibility studies
  • Research and comparison of foreign target markets through Country Risk Analysis
  • Export and import training programs
  • Development of efficient logistics systems through analysis and redesign
  • Risk management, insurance program analysis and planning
  • Transit insurance analysis, bidding and claim audits
  • Audits and analysis of freight rates through aggressive bidding and negotiation strategies
  • Analysis of Controlled Commodities to identify appropriate export licenses.
  • Design of Internal Control and Export License compliance programs. Handling of audits.
  • Presentations to boards, associations and trade groups on international trade topics